It’s not a review..

Apr 27, 2010

Finally, it's over!! I’ve been reading the book “DORK: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese” by Sidin Vadukut for the past two weeks. Actually, I’m glad that I’ve finished reading it finally, though it has only around 250 pages.

I cannot say its one of the best or a good book to read, but the way of presentation is entirely different... But sometimes I even felt bored... When you think about the “blunders” of Robin – the title character of this book – you’ll laugh-out-loudly!! Even though he is a management guy, he does things stupidly, not even uses common sense sometimes!!! I didn’t feel the kind-of-reading-ahead-curiosity because it’s somewhat boring, but I wanted to know how this Robin would end-up in last… The only thing I liked is the stupidity of Robin and the way of Sidin’s presentation..

Let me see which book will Anoop order next time... Err.., I forgot to mention that I didn’t buy that book, but my friend Anoop.

Posted in Life, Story on Apr 27, 2010