My Sweet Heart!!

May 13, 2009

Late night calls.. I’m used to it.. It is the convenient time for us to make calls.. Nature is sleeping quietly.. But when she has night shifts, then it is hard for me to sleep.. Anyhow she finds some time to call me in between her work just to say Goodnight. This gap sometimes kill me with her damn thoughts.. And, it comes like words.. Here it goes…

Hey Honey, 

Every time when I watch a Boy holding his Girl’s hands in movies, My mind craves to hold your arms..

Every time when I see a boy walking along with his girl, I feel jealous of him...

Every time when I see a boy kissing his Sweetheart, I can’t explain how do I feel...

My mind is always filled with sweet thoughts of you, darling... You’re very much precious to me..

When would I get a chance to be with you?

I’ve prayed to Mother Mary a number of times for your Love... She blessed me and now you are giving me a Lifetime full of love, Which I’ve never ever imagined before..

You’re really my own Sweet Angel... Every time, your thoughts make me the Happiest, The world around me the Most Beautiful and Lits up a smile on my face.

Still, in every moment of my day, I can really feel your absence... My mind and soul are waiting for your magical presence.

When would you bless me with your Touch?

I think I’ve waited for you for a pretty long time Now I can’t hold it anymore... 

Tell me, when are you gonna show your kindness to me?

Loneliness and your thoughts are killing me. All I want to tell you is that I miss you so much... And I love you deeply from the bottom of my Heart.

You are my Life and without my Life, I cannot exist. I Love you, my Sweet Heart.

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