Jun 16, 2009

“So receive it when it comes, and give it to her after the celebration, OK?” I disconnected the call... It was her friend Mekhna*. This happened about four days back... I called her at midnight & wished her birthday... She, who was not in a happy mood, told me that someone sent a parcel and two books were there, "My Friend Sancho" and "Winner Stands Alone". She said, she doesn't know the sender, but it has a “From” address, which is “”. She also told me that she had already read both! So someone who doesn’t know about her has sent it.

But I didn’t tell her anything... After some time I told her that they have been sent by me and told Mekhna to receive it and give it to her after the cake cutting. Then she told me that Mekhna has told her everything, and she just wanted to hear it from me. But she said a lie that she had read it. Actually she dint’ read both at all. She also informed me that she is not feeling happy because she expected a good gift rather than books; even though she like books. Maybe something like a teddy bear or a showcase item or a cool gadget… But what can I do now? Everything is over, right? I consoled her somehow and told her sorry…

Next day morning @ 7.10 AM. Aswinchettan* called me and told me that he is going to give the item... After 20 minutes, he again called me and told that he has presented it and she didn’t even get a chance to suspect him.. I thanked him, without whom it wouldn’t be possible. After some time, she called me... I picked it up and she remained silent for a long time..she asked me in a sorry tone,

“I scolded you yesterday night for not presenting me a gift, right? I’m really a bad girl. And I don’t know that you love me so much! Why did you give me such a valuable gift? Why did you tell me that you haven’t met Aswinchettan?”

I told her that I didn’t tell anything about him, whether I met him or not. I asked her whether she is happy or not. Her reply made me the happiest person ever. She replied that she is the luckiest girl because she has got me. She didn’t have words to express her feelings when she saw the Big Birthday Card… Then the Sweet little Teddy Bear which sings Happy Birthday song when its belly is pressed. Finally the Diamond pendant!! She liked everything.

Four days back, I had given the gift pack to Aswinchettan when he was there in his hometown. On that day, he was about to leave to Dilli. And I didn’t mention anything about this to her. She was so much happy on that day that I can really feel it in her words. She told me that I’ve made her day and really loves me. Me too was very much happy.

She had evening duty on that day. When I was in my office at around 3 PM, she called me and asked me in an angry tone, “You know that I’m on duty now, right? Then why did you send the flower-wala at this time?”

I told her, “How do I know his time of delivery? I just placed the order and have asked them to deliver it before 12 PM.” Maybe that made her cool down. She told me that she has instructed him to deliver it to her home. Anupama* was there at home. Later in the night, I asked her about the bouquet. She smiled sweetly and told me that she liked it very much.. Especially its arrangement like a Cute heart..

When the flower-wala delivered it at their home, Anupama received it and kept it above the refrigerator. So when she came home after duty, she saw it as soon as she has entered the room, along with Radhika’s* gift... She liked it at the very first sight itself.. She told me, “You have really surprised me today... This is one of the best Birthday I’ve ever had and I’m so much Happy... You made me feel that I’m so much Special... I Love you dear..”

And, this is what I was trying to do... To make her birthday full of surprise, so special and so memorable that she remembers it forever… And up to some extent, I succeeded…

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