The Untitled and The Untold - Season 3

Jun 02, 2011
Tears are flowing down on her cheeks.. And he too couldn’t control his emotions.. His eyes are also filled with tears.. They were in love for the past 3 years and they dreamt of being together forever.. But things have changed and they cannot be together.. Their dreams are shattered and now its time to say good-bye… They couldn’t hide their feelings.. This could be their last meeting and they don’t know whether they’ll meet again.. It’s the final call for security check-in at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Dilli. Hearing the announcement, he is forced to move. He tightly hugged her and gave a kiss on her forehead.. They are crying aloud.. “Paass aaa… Paass aaa.. Paass aaona..” Who put the Close-up Ad now at airport, so loudly? He looked here an there and then he realized that it’s his mobile’s alarm tone!!

He woke up and switched off the alarm and checked the time... It’s 5:30 A.M. He looked at his left side on the bed and she was sleeping calmly... He thanked God because he was dreaming all those incidents!!! He laid down on the bed, keeping his eyes open.. Last 15 days flashed in-front of him… Their big day on May 16th, the tension and joy which they have felt together, the day when both of their dreams became true… Then around 600 KMs of different journeys together to their cousins’ home, plus a Road Trip… Then the flight journey to Dilli and days were running super-fast as if they wanted to catch something urgently... He leaned forward and kissed on her right cheek. She opened her eyes and gave him back a kiss and said, “Good morning darling, get ready fast, it's 5:40..” They looked at each other with a pain in their hearts... His return flight was on that day morning, He should join back his office that day. He immediately went into the bathroom with toothbrush and toothpaste, thinking that she should not see his tear-filled eyes. Her eyes too were moist then.

At the airport, they were looking at each other’s eyes – water filled eyes, actually – without saying anything. They were not sure that when are they going to meet again.. “Passengers kind attention please: This is the final call for Security check-in for Indigo flight number 6E 285 to Coimbatore via Chennai……”, the announcement echoed inside the airport lounge. He stood up from his seat... She suddenly hugged him tight and started to weep... He consoled her saying that he’ll come in next month, though his eyes too were filled with tears… They felt like some heavy stone is placed in their hearts and they were not able to bear its weight... He wiped off tears from her cheek and kissed her forehead... He had to walk away from her, though his mind was not allowing... She waited there till he was out of her sight, waving her hands to her dearest hubby, hoping to see him pretty soon…

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