Jun 17, 2008

The Untitled and The Untold (Part 3)

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Time for a University Degree…

After their school got finished, she went to New Delhi for her higher studies and he went to a university close to his home town. She used to get vacations twice in a year – one after her university exams during June-July and next during Christmas holidays. When she’s on vacation, he used to call her on the phone – there used to be only two conversations in a year, sometimes through phone or sometimes directly. He didn’t get in touch with her during his first year at college.

When he was in second year of his graduation and when she came back f...

Jun 17, 2008

The Untitled and The Untold (Part 2)

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What was that??

The structure of their class room was in such a way that the boys and girls were sitting opposite to each other, with the teacher in the middle. He was sitting in the left end side of the second row bench and she was sitting in the right side of the first row. The peculiarity of their new teacher was that, whenever he starts reading the book, he will take eyes only after finishing it. Our hero found time to look at our heroine during all these time. And at the moment the teacher finishes reading, she also used to take her eyes from the book and look stra...

Jun 17, 2008

The Untitled and The Untold (Part 1)

He pressed and continued holding the key 9 on his mobile, which is the speed-dial for her number, 98******59. Trrring.. Trrring.. His heart was beating like anything… He was afraid whether she could be able to hear his heart beats. Finally, she picked up. “Hellooo… Whazzup, dear?” A sweet voice came through the phone, which went deep and struck his heart. The sweet lovely voice that he loves to hear all the time… “What happened? Today also you called me? Is something urgent?” Her voice broke his thoughts. He said, “Oh… Actually speaking, Nothing… I just called you for nothing..” He said even i...

Jun 13, 2008

Tree, Leaf & Wind

The first ever blog post is here. It might be a good idea to update this post with some more relevant content.